Professional Career Guidance

Personalised Career Guidance Resources

If you are looking for a more personalized, one-on-one service that will guide your career activities specifically based on your work history and future goals, you may like to consider the following services:

Cover Letter Design and Development

Our Consultant will review your resume, your current career goals and the position/s you are currently interested in or likely to be applying for in the future and prepare your professional cover letter. This letter will capture the key elements from your work history and align these with an identified role or even a potential role.

This service includes a consultation over the phone or email and exchange of current supporting documents to produce a personally designed cover letter.

Resume Formatting, Design & Development

Depending on your requirements, you may like someone to take your current resume and review it for spelling and grammar and then present it in a professional resume template that suits your profession or work history and the nature of the roles you are applying for now or in the future.

Alternatively, you may be looking for the professional expertise of a HRM Consultant to review both the content and design of your current resume to prepare and present a professional document that will give you the confidence to apply for roles now or in the future. There are also situations where your resume hasn’t been updated in a long time or you simply haven’t got a current resume. This may be at any stage during your working life and our HRM Consultants can help you designing and developing your resume from scratch or an updated version to present a professional resume that will provide you a tool for your job applications now and into the future.

These services include consultation over the phone and/or email and exchange of current supporting documents.

Selection Criteria Response Preparation

As part of an application process you may need to respond to Selection Criteria. There are specific components to drafting an effective response to selection criteria and this can become quite challenging for anyone, whether you are experienced with selection criteria or not. Our HRM Consultant is able to assist you in a number of ways:

Reviewing drafted responses to Selection Criteria and providing advice to enhance these responses for an application.

Option 2:
Drafting Selection Criteria responses from scratch, through consultation over the phone or face-to-face to ensure these responses are targeted to meet the job requirements, whilst staying true to your work history and demonstrated achievements.

Interview Coaching

Going for an interview is often a daunting prospect, whether you have been actively in the job seeking process or have never had to go through a formal interview process, preparation is always the key. HRM can provide you with one-on-one
Interview Coaching to prepare you for the next role you are applying for.

Career Guidance

Are you looking for a career change? Not sure if what you are doing is fulfilling anymore? Want to explore what you could do with your current skills, experience and qualifications? Looking to move into a different profession, but don’t know how to make the move? Are you just starting out in the workforce and don’t know how to navigate into the right career path, with so many options available?
At GHRS we are able to work through this minefield and help you reach your career goals, whatever they may be. These services are usually
face-to-face and one-on-one and can be flexible to suit your specific requirements.

Salary Comparison

Do you wonder if you are currently being paid in line with market rates for your profession? Are you looking for a change of job or relocating and not sure what you should expect in a salary? Are you negotiating an offer for a role but uncertain what the salary package should look like, compared to the current market?
Our Consultants can undertake a market salary comparison for you, with access to salary information that is not always available in the public domain.